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Here are some articles I've written, this first few are going to be about working with Artists for Fans and Game Publishers. I hope this helps some of you out there looking to buy pieces for yourself or for your own RPG projects.

Katar Desert Warrior

Space Elf Hacker

Space Elf opening a Security Door

First Generation Elemental Destroyer Robots

Second Generation Force Destroyer Robots

Generic Humanoid Labor Robot

Shapechanging and Inflatable Robots

Eldred Space Fighter design

Soldiers for the Ghost Guns project

Monsters for the Ghost guns project

Monster and Characters scenes

I wrote some articles on specific game design choices I have made in creating Monsters or adapting Fantasy rules to a Science Fiction setting.

Changing the Robot rules from D20 Modern and Future

Unifying D20 Modern Equipment modifications and Equipment gadgets

Thoughts on 5th Edition D&D

Updating Computer Use from D20 Modern

Tin Ballons how Spaceships aren't Dungeons in space

Galaxy Pirates design goals and to do list

Galaxy Pirates Open Call design rules

Galaxy Pirates Open Call design goals

Galaxy Pirates Open Call lessons learned

Galaxy Pirates equipment guide budget

Galaxy Pirates space zombie book budget

Galaxy Pirates stock art ship budget

Evil Robot Games 2017 sales and lessons learned

Starfinder Starship Combat lessons learned

Starship layout process in InDesign


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