Welcome to the Katar gallery. The images here are from an upcoming game suplement about a race of Spacefaring Warriors known as the Katar.

Sketches and Artist’s renderings by Anthony Cournoyer, Maps and Building Insets by Keith Curtis

This is a Katar Cadet named Nabbar, he came to the Academy hoping to find enlightenment. He’s young and very inquisitive.

Katar Cadet

This is Drogas, he runs the Military Academy on the Katar homeworld. Nabbar’s questions start to cause disruptions among the cadets, making him a pain in Drogas’ backside.

Drogas Headmaster of the Ibindor Military Academy

Drogas sends Nabbar on an honor quest to live in the mountians for a moon’s turn, and when he returns he will answer all of Nabbar’s questions. Nabbar, a lean survivor from a drought ridden province survives on flyer eggs and lizards.

Nabbar on his quest

This is one of the Old Masters the last in an unbroken line of teachers from the first Battle Masters of Old Katar. He doesn’t like Drogas or his teachings, and has fostered Nabbar as much as he could.

An Ancient Katar Master

In the Arena Nabbar showed promise which brought him to the Old Master’s attention.

Katar Cadets Training

When Nabbar figured out Drogas had planned on him dying in the mountains, he challenged Drogas to a duel. Drogas knowing the whelp spoke true accepted.

Drogas with his shining sword

Drogas and Nabbar in the arena with hundreds of Cadets and instructors looking on..

Drogas and Nabbar battle it out

More about the Academy itself

The Grounds

The Academic Tower

The Tower

Here are the floors of the tower all laid out

Tower contains Classroms and Dormitories

The Motor Pool and Hangars

The Motor Pool and the Hangars