Condensed Campaigns: A Broken Sky


In the remnants of a broken clockwork world, an ancient evil approaches. Threatening to drown the world in an endless, frozen night, the Nightfall Lords return to finish the job they began centuries ago. You and your allies must convince the cities of the Seven Shards to meet the threat head on, or all is lost. Strap on your buzz wings, take up the fight against the hidden agents of the Nightfall Lords, and prepare to take flight as you fight to defend your home among A Broken Sky!



This Condensed Campaigns product contains all of the basic elements a GM and players need to make the world of A Broken Sky their own, including…

…four new Ancestries — the avalar, chardram, knomoi, and undyn — for use in play

…new alchemical and magical items

…a world that blends steampunk invention with arcane innovation to give players the ability to fly high in the sky

…a “choose your own” option system, enabling GM’s to customize their campaigns to suit their group

…and more!

Designed from the ground up to be compatible with the Pathfinder Second Edition rpg, the Condensed Campaigns series provides you with everything you need to build a fully developed campaign. Whether you’re new to the game, or an experienced veteran, we’ve made sure that there’s something here for you!